Halo 3 OST [2008]

320 Kbps/285 Mb Aprox.
Disco 1

01 Arrival. Luck
02 Sierra 117. Released-Wild Life-Another Walk
03 Sierra 117. Infiltrate-Move On
04 Crow's Nest. Honorable Intentions
05 Crow's Nest. Last of the Brave-Cold Logic-Cool Temperament
06 Crow's Nest. Brutes-Lost-Dream Again-We're Done Here
07 Tsavo Highway. Out of Shadow-Into Light
08 Tsavo Highway. To Kill a Demon-Ancient Dust-Punch Through-Undere
09 The Storm. This Is Our Land-To Turn a Tide-Innocents of Voi
10 The Storm. This Is the Hour
11 Floodgate. Dread Intrusion-Black Tide-Old Friend
12 Floodgate. Follow Our Brothers
13 The Ark. Farthest Outpost-No Time for Sightseeing-Make Them Pay
14 The Ark. Behold a Pale Horse-Reconciled-Overcome-Small Victory
15 The Ark. Edge Closer

Disco 2

01 The Covenant. Three Gates-Ascent-Leonidas Returns
02 The Covenant. Black Tower-Heroes Also Fall
03 The Covenant. One Final Effort
04 The Covenant. Gravemind-Fated Journey-Flee-Familiar Ring
05 Cortana. No More Dead Heroes-Watching
06 Cortana. Keep What You Steal-Escape
07 Halo. Halo Reborn-Guilt and Punishment
08 Halo. Greatest Journey-Flood Rising-Halo Finale
09 Ending. Tribute
10 Ending. Roll Call-Duty Bound-Price Paid
11 Ending. Wake Me When You Need Me
12 Ending. Legend
13 Choose Wisely
14 Movement
15 Never Forget
16 Finish the Fight
17 LvUrFR3NZ